Welcome To ANNAIFS International
''ANNAIFS International' is a UAE based Limited Liability Free Zone Company with strong fundamentals having professional associates spread over all the continents. The core activity is international trading (export & Import) in Armored Vehicles and Armoring products. It is our desire and determination to meet your needs by being the right choice and solution for all products associated with the Vehicle Armoring Industry with special reference to Soft skin chassis, Armored Steel and Glass.
By choosing Annaifs International you will
Armored Vehicles
ANNAIFS International is able to offer protections levels from EN1063 Level B4 through Level B7.
Fleet Vehicles
ANNAIFS International provides a wide range of vehicles to meet your many different transportation needs.
A spare part also known as service part or spare, is an item of inventory that is used for the repair or replacement of failed parts.
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